Bassenthwaite Lake at Dawn

"Bassenthwaite Lake at Dawn. Kevin Weaver, Cumbria."

Bassenthwaite Lake at Dawn.
Oil on canvas.
3′ sq. Framed.

Please note this canvas is now reserved for a customer.

Here’s a new oil on canvas, 3′ sq. and framed, Bassenthwaite Lake at Dawn at The Shining Tree studio and gallery in Cumbria. As with all my paintings, please go and see it if you can, you can’t physically or emotionally connect to a digital image of a painting. That said, thanks for your continued and positive support here online of my artistic endeavours which really do help and keep me working.

Bassenthwaite Lake at dawn is a romantic painting in that its style looks to the past – the Impressionist Movement that I admire so much particularly. The brushwork was largely spontaneous, the palette and mood of the piece mellow. While it’s a studio painting, not plein-air, I did spend a lot of time around the lake at dawn concentrating on how I would express my emotions on a canvas to convey the splendour of the lake at that time of day in summer.

Bassenthwaite Lake is the only true lake in the Lake District, the others being ‘meres’ and ‘waters.’ It’s also pretty shallow but nonetheless has many fish including pike, salmon and Britain’s rarest freshwater fish, the vendace. The surrounding countryside is home to an abundance of wildlife. There are ospreys nesting nearby, they can be observed catching their meals from the lake! and there’s a wetland nature reserve at Dubwath, the Lake District’s first, at the northern end of the lake. Millions of pounds has been invested in improving Bassenthwaite Lake in recent years and in all kinds of ways… I’d encourage you all to visit this pastoral paradise and see for yourself.

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